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When starting a business, or considering a change of accountant, keeping costs low is very important. Troubleshooters offer a free initial consultation to help you gain important advice when you start your venture or consider making changes.


Annual Accounts

All businesses, small or large, need to prepare annual accounts to measure the performance of the business over the last 12 months and, of course, for tax purposes.

Troubleshooters offers a ‘no frills’ service to do this job well but at the most reasonable cost possible.



From simple cash book spreadsheets to more detailed financial systems Troubleshooters can advise and help implement bookkeeping software in your business or simply take the stress off your hands through our Accounts Department service.


Company Accounts

Company accounts can be much more complex than sole trader or partnership accounts as they have to be prepared in accordance with the 2006 Companies Act.

Requiring much more information, disclosures and certifications company accounts can be very tricky. Of course further penalties await the unwary but Troubleshooters can ensure all legislation is complied with.

Company Formations

Not everyone needs a Limited Company to trade. For some it is not the best ‘vehicle’ to use when running a business, for others it is vital. Troubleshooters can advise on the best way forward and set up a company for you at a fixed fee. We will also guide you through VAT and tax registration requirements if required.



Payroll compliance is the hot topic at the moment with the introduction of the new Real Time Information (RTI) requirements.

Troubleshooters uses the latest software to help those with employees or Companies with directors receiving a salary comply with these regulations and meet all filing commitments avoiding any unnecessary penalties.


Tax Returns

Complying with tax legislation has become increasingly important over recent years due to the increase in penalties payable for failing to file and pay tax on time.

Penalties of up to £1,300 can be charged for not filing your tax return on time with no right to appeal unless under exceptional circumstances. Troubleshooters uses the latest technology to ensure you comply with all necessary legislation.


VAT Returns

Troubleshooters can help ensure accurate and on-time filing of quarterly VAT Returns for registered businesses along with advising on registration, de-registration and any issues that might be encountered relating to Value Added Tax. We can complete the VAT Returns for you or simply assist by checking through your calculations before you file. If online filing is an issue for you we can do this using our record keeping software.


Management Accounts

Business owners and managers often need ‘real time’ information on the financial performance of their business rather than waiting for end of year accounts to be completed. Troubleshooters can assist in creating management information from your own records or provide this regularly via our Accounts Department service.

sole trader

Sole Traders

Starting a business on your own can be lonely and nerve wracking. Troubleshooters can help you set your business up in the correct way to ensure you don’t find problems once you have started and support you during those difficult first few months and beyond.



Setting up in business with a friend or colleague is not as simple as just splitting the profits. Early advice is essential when setting up a partnership to avoid misunderstandings and potential disputes later on. Penalties for late filing can also be double for partnerships. Troubleshooters can guide you through.

corporation tax

Corporation Tax

With different rules, rates and deadlines for tax filing and paying tax along with iXBRL filing of accounts and tax returns at HM Revenue and Customs this is an area where professional support is vital. Troubleshooters uses the latest technology to ensure full compliance with the changing tax law systems.


Tax Compliance

Complying with tax law is about much more than filing a tax return on time. The UK has, what is considered to be, the most complex set of tax laws in the world. To the unwary it is possible to fall foul of legal requirements, deadlines and other pitfalls without realising it until such a time that large penalties have been incurred.

Troubleshooters can help warn you of potential problem areas and guide you through the minefield.

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